Guitar Lessons with Ron Steta

For decades, Ron Steta has been providing valuable guitar lessons to students of all levels, from beginners to professionals on both acoustic and electric guitars. Ron specialize’s in mechanics, theory, technic, scales, chords, and improvising for all styles, starting with Blues and Rock, to Jazz, Flamenco and more.

I love teaching, and have learned just as much from my students as they have learned from me. I try to adapt and motivate people in many ways since everyone is different, my youngest student is 6 years old and my oldest student was a beginner at age 77. I have also taught a blind student to the level where she could play in church, kids with learning disabilities, and have started many kids from scratch that moved on to college scholarships and professional careers.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Overall, I am very proud of all of my students because I know how difficult it is, and the passion it takes to get a little better each week. The bottom line comes down to how bad you want to learn, your motivation, and you love it enough to practice! 

Start learning to Rock!

Regardless whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, improving your playing skills is a huge benefit to you. Click the link to start your journey.


The best way to save money when taking guitar lessons is to practice more, and learn faster.
Here are some testimonials from some of my current and former students, and I thank them for their kind words.

Ron is such a patient guitar instructor using humor and his love for guitar to educate someone new on all you need to know for guitar playing. He teaches you important things like scales, and crafts each lesson around new skills and fundamentals challenging you to become a better guitar player. Highly recommended!

Colie S.

I took up the guitar in my early 20’s.  I was so eager and so hungry to learn a Johnny  Cash song.  Ron showed me the song with one caveat, he also said do these scales and understand how these notes work.  What I didn’t know, nor did I want to know at that time was how music worked.  Ron not only showed me how to play guitar, but he also showed me music theory.  Ron is a patient, encouraging, and is a detailed instructor with years of experience in teaching, and has had many professional experience's in playing with some legendary bands.

Billy W.

Ron is a amazing teacher, in the 3 years I’ve been taking lessons I’ve learned more than I thought I could have. The lessons are fun and I have a great time.

Matt J.

I wish, Ron could have been my guitar teacher 25 years ago. I learned more about playing the guitar in the last 6 months than I was able to ‘teach’ myself over the course of the past 2 decades. Ron eliminates bad habits and old & tired patterns and replaces them with solid techniques and manageable theory. Do I fumble my way through every single lesson and continually come away feeling decidedly inadequate? Yes - but strangely enough - I keep coming back for more. I guess, Ron knows what he’s doing. And he plays a mean harp to boot.

Marcus W.

Ron is the most patient teacher I have ever had... I am constantly learning new licks and scales!

Brian M.

Ron Steta is an excellent guitar teacher. Very professional, very "in-tune" with teaching all age groups, with different approaches for different people to help this make sense, and build the confidence needed to progress while having fun. 

I cannot express enough how important this is! Ron makes sure you do not put down your guitar and give up.  He will recognize your love for the instrument, and he helps keep it alive while keeping it fun. He always finds a new way to explain and help me understand before moving on to higher levels. He really cares about the students learning and puts heart into his teaching. He is very skilled at this and has a common sense approach.  He helps me stay in focus, as I get easily discouraged.

He is the reason I made it to the level of stage performer with his strong encouragement.  He is so inspiring and uplifting. I leave his lessons with a renewed excitement every time.  And a huge smile. 

Thank you Ron Steta for all of your encouragement, I will always be grateful for your patience and talent.

Marianne S.

I Always have fun with Maestro. He makes hard things easy and makes playing guitar fun. He even encouraged me to start singing while I play.  I always leave laughing.


My daughter went for her first lesson a couple of days ago. So far he’s a wonderful teacher. My daughter was super excited to start practicing on her own, right after her lesson! The way Ron teaches and explains things to her is broken down so she could easily understand at age 12, and as a beginner who had never really held a guitar until I bought it for her for Xmas. I was super impressed with how much she learned with just one lesson. My daughter is really excited to keep working with him.

Michelle F.

Mel Bay ruined guitar for me.  Ron got it back. He has practical, real life musician skills to take anyone’s playing to the next level.

Audrey's Dad

Ron was my first real formal teacher. After having a guitar for years and not knowing what I was doing I went for lessons. Ron was perfect, not only did you learn songs, but you learned theory and how to put it all together. Within a year of starting lessons with Ron he had me out sitting in playing songs with his band, a dream come true for me! Even though I haven’t seen Ron in years I still consider him a friend and the reason I have never given up playing and now have a band of my own! Thanks Ron!

Richie Z.

Ron is a patient, thorough instructor who uses methods that make the process fun. He’s one who has a strong love for the guitar, and his goal is to get his students to the level where they can love and appreciate making music as much as he does. If you follow his instruction and PRACTICE, you will be making music with confidence before you know it. Ron is a 5-Star guitar player and instructor!

Walter L.

Hey Ron it's been a great couple of years learning how to play the guitar with you. You are truly a master at your craft from Rock /Country /Blues to Flamingo.

Bob C.

Ronnie Rocks! 😎 He has the patience, desire, and in my case, the durability to put up with even the "FORREST GUMP" of new players, i.e. me.

Probably the purest talent in Chicago, he will take you as far as you are capable of... and then some!

Then, in the middle of your lesson, he will cook you a pork chop on the grill if you are hungry!

John M.

Great teacher and mentor. If you want to bring your guitar skills to another level he is the teacher for you.  He will always help you realize how to get better and what you need to do to get there, irrelevant of the genre of music that is in your soul. I will be a student of his for years and I cannot recommend him high enough.

Pawel H.

Ron was my teacher when I was 17 years old and he helped me transition to pro status. I have been a very successful professional guitar player for over 30 years now... thank you Ron!

Steve E.

Ron “flying fingers” is the consummate professional. He is engaged in the teaching process and uses visual, auditory and tactile approaches to the learning experience. He is flexible and brings the learning experience to my location so I feel grounded when we play. He blends technique with feel and shows all of the licks. And yes, his fingers do fly on and off the fretboard.

Chad A.

Ron teaches my 8 year old daughter.  She has been learning guitar for about a year and half.  He has been so patient with her. If my daughter doesn't understand something he teaches all sorts a way so she comprehends it. He moves at a pace she can handle. He always makes her laugh.  Ron is a wonderful teacher.

Giovanna P.

“To the  “Man”  I  call  “My”  guitar teacher !!!! Cudos to the GREATEST GUITARIST I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. When you hear him play, then you will know what I mean! Just go on his page & listen!!!!!  🎸🎼🎸🎵🎸🎶🎸🎸
Thanks Ron for the last two years of lessons & hopefully many more to come!!!!!!! 😊

Rose C.